How Fashion Evolved in Australia

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Evolution of fashion in Australia has been a slow and steady process with its foundation rooted in the ‘40s. Australian fashion has evolved over time and has been spearheaded by the country’s most illustrious names as far as the fashion industry is concerned. These “Who’s Who” of Aussie fashion have also redefined global fashion. Our infographic details how the fashion industry in Australia has evolved and who has orchestrated the evolution – and revolution – of fashion in the country and internationally. The fashion industry Read More →

Beginner’s guide to make-up brushes

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This has been a long time coming. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t written about this before to be honest. Never should a woman ever have to wonder about what half the makeup brushes in her vanity do (the way I did as a raccoon-eyed teen. I swear, mom. I wasn’t an emo kid; I just didn’t know what to do with all those brushes). I swear, if I wasn’t so in love with make-up, I probably would’ve given up on it early on itself. Read More →

3 Trendy Striped Shirts Every Man Should Have

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  The shirts have become an integral part of any man’s wardrobe. With being just a garment, shirts are now being seen as fashion clothing by fashion conscious men. Though the construction of the dress shirt hasn’t changed, the design of the shirts has considerably changed. International fashion designers too are creating shirts from different materials to make it more appealing. Today, shirts are available in plenty of colors, designs, patterns and styles. When it comes to office wear, formal shirts fit the bill. The Read More →

Candy Buffet Ideas: Inspirations of Candy Goodness For Your Child’s Party


  Candy buffet tables are becoming popular in various parties all over the world. To create an amazing candy buffet, take a look at the ideas below:     Use decorated cupcakes as your centerpiece These days, you will see different types of decorated cupcakes. Aside from candies, you will be able to see cookies, cupcakes and even cake pops in various desserts table. If you wish to make your dessert buffet table come alive, it is best that you place a stand of fully Read More →

Gothic Fashion On The Catwalk

Throughout 2013 the Goth look has been smouldering on the catwalk. Heavy dark makeup, bright red accents, vampire themed capes and tight Victorian-esque corsets are just a few examples of how the dark side is making its way to the mainstream.   History Contrary to popular belief, during the 1980’s Gothic fashion was held in extremely high regard due to famed designer Vivian Westwood, who took inspiration from pre-20th century attire in her early collections. Perhaps if people knew how popular the scene was back Read More →

7 Cool Tips To Carry Off Your Lace Dresses Flawlessly

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Lace dresses have been a popular trend in the fashion world for many years and they never seem to lose their trendiness. There are many different styles when it comes to lace dresses including edgy rock chic, ladylike or demure. Whatever your style is, it is vital to learn how to wear these dresses perfectly so that you can look your best in whatever occasion. From glamorous gowns to casual fits, here are some vital tips to help you wear lace dresses flawlessly this season: Read More →

Why you must try Singapore online shopping

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Did you ever hear about the great Singapore shopping sale? This is an entire month that is totally dedicated to shopping where people will buy anything and everything from the country that is actually a shopping mall; whether you are looking for the latest accessories, electronic gizmos, the trendiest footwear or the newest fashionable clothing. This is one experience that has brought millions of people to Singapore every single year from every corner of the world; brands shopping Singapore online is only making the experience Read More →

Best Party Themes for the Office Christmas Do

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Christmas is quickly approaching and you’re running out of time to book in your work’s Xmas do. Once you’ve got the room booked you need to look at organising everything else, and the fastest way of doing this is by picking themes for Christmas parties. Here are some of the best party themes that you could use for your office bash:   Movie night Lights! Camera! Action! Your guests will love the glitz and glamour of a movie night theme where they dress up as Read More →

Cute Dresses: The Choicest Apparel For Parties


In the contemporary world, parties have become very common. These parties give ladies a golden opportunity to look glamorous and elegant. Cute dresses are the choicest apparel to wear when you are going for a party. This is because you really have to look cute and elegant to make a fashion statement in the event. It should be something exquisite and sexy that will make heads turn your way. Nothing will surge your confidence as stepping in the event and instantly cause head turning. With Read More →

A Teen Breaking the School’s Prom Dress Code Over Cleavage Issues

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  In Silverdale Washington, there has been a trouble brewing when it came to a student and one of her favorite beauty gown dresses. The story is all about a senior student at Central Kitsap High School–Brittany Minder and her unique party dress. The teenager says she was disgraced and that ruined her prom night. She was turned away as the school staffs objected to her apparel. The school says that the girl broke the prom dress code and objected to her cleavage. According to Read More →