The Importance of Stylish High Heels

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Shoes play an important role in completing a man’s or woman’s outfit. Ladies’ shoes can make a woman looks brighter, blooming, sexier, attractive and appealing towards others especially to men. Women would always crave in owning the different types, and styles of shoes that are so “in” nowadays even though they have lots and lots of different shoe collections stored in their closets. In purchasing shoes one must try for different shoe sizes to find what shoes really fits properly to their feet. To avoid discomfort different shoe sizes are available. Looking for the perfect pair of shoes for an outfit is just a common practice for almost all individuals. Women enjoy having stylish high heels to wear at any special occasion. High heels make them feel sexy and can really attract attention. It can also make ladies’ legs elongated that aids in them looking taller and leaner. While wearing high heeled shoes, a woman’s curves are more emphasized because Read More →

Foot Surgeries: Fashion Going too Far?

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We all make sacrifices for fashion. Sometimes we’ll wear uncomfortable things for the simple sake of looking good. But how far would you go to be able to wear the things you love? There are already countless plastic surgeries, everything from facelifts to liposuction, which happen on a daily basis in this country. But it’s not just faces that are going under the knife. Around 13 years ago, a podiatrist by the name of Dr. Ali Sadrieh opened a foot surgery clinic in Beverly Hills, California. His clinic specializes in plastic surgery on feet. Basically, his clients will bring in a pair of shoes that they have always dreamed of wearing. The doctor will look at the shoes and then perform a surgery on the client’s feet in order to make them be able to wear the shoes comfortably. This kind of thing begs the question, “when is enough, enough?”   Cinderella Story We’ve all had the experience of going Read More →

Achieving That Wow Factor With A Stylish High Heels

Women’s fashions nowadays are really in a striking transformation. Almost all wants to be “in” in everything. From the different hair styles, contact lenses, make-ups, flashy blings, dress styles, stilettos, nail polish, etc. All must be in accordance to what their mood is, what they celebrate for that day, what the season or weather suggests or just what dresses they like to wear at that exact time. Obviously, women want to look elegant and feel elegant all the time. Why? Because being elegant has a great impact in all of us. One of that is being highly confident in your self and with that follows the rests. In becoming elegant or stylish, the two things that women are really looking up to are the dresses and footwear they will be wearing. Stiletto High Heels gives style and impact on dresses, enhances the outer appearance of the one wearing it and it also helps ladies to look elegant and fabulous. Looking Read More →

The Summer Party and Dressing Tips

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Human beings are created to look beautiful and smart. This beauty and style not only makes a good impression but also makes one to feel great. I have taken good time to tell my fellow women who are of my age that they need to make right choices of their clothing, shoes and wear accessories. For the style, I recommend that you look classy with a little glamour and sexy look. Summer parties requiring the use of evening dress and high heeled shoes have prompted me to write the article that cuts across all classes of women.   You will find the summer nights as one of the wonderful moments to enjoy evening parties whether a formal dinner or cocktail festivity. When I imagine of the kind of cloth and shoes to wear, I review the details like the venue, occasion, other guests, party theme and weather. Once I consider all these factors, I decide on my appearance during the Read More →

History of high heel shoes

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While some females see high heels as the bane of their lives, many love a lovely pair of heels. Some ladies have even more than 200 pairs in their outfits to make sure that there is a pair for every event. A lot of females do not understand that guys initially used high heels numerous centuries back.   The old burial places in Egypt reveal the earliest images of shoes, going back as far as 4,000 BC. In those days, pieces of leather were laced onto the feet, and occasionally individuals put on sandals that were made from woven hurries. It is stated that the butchers put on shoes with heels to keeping their feet clear of the mess that was associated with their tasks.   Kothorni, or the modern-day cork or shoe were initially presented into the fashion world by male Roman stars in 200 BC. Kothorni is likewise in some cases spelled cothurni and specified as a knee-high Read More →

Starting A Watch Collection

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Are you fond of collecting different types of watches? Are you collecting them? Do you want to know more about your watch collection? If yes, then here are some facts and a little history about watches and how they become popular. Oh, and we also some watch trends you might want to check out! History According to wikipedia, a watch is a timepiece, typically worn either around the wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket and the most common type of watch used today are wristwatches. Watches evolved in the 17th century from spring powered clocks, which appeared in the 15th century. At first they were only mechanical but as technology evolved so does watches! Nowadays, they have been using quarts vibrations or electronic pulses to measure time. On the year 1970, the first digital electronic watch was developed. Wristwatches become popular in the year 1920s but before that most of the watches were pocket watches. Read More →

How Fashion Evolved in Australia


Evolution of fashion in Australia has been a slow and steady process with its foundation rooted in the ‘40s. Australian fashion has evolved over time and has been spearheaded by the country’s most illustrious names as far as the fashion industry is concerned. These “Who’s Who” of Aussie fashion have also redefined global fashion. Our infographic details how the fashion industry in Australia has evolved and who has orchestrated the evolution – and revolution – of fashion in the country and internationally. The fashion industry of Australia, throughout history, has been founded upon adoption of looks that evolved around the globe. To comprehend the present fashion trends one has to comprehend the transformation of fashion over the years, especially because the people are increasingly becoming fashion-conscious. And hence with Australia continuing to make decisive contributions to global fashion, with the current generation of designers taking over the Australian fashion revolution, it would be great to have a look back through Read More →

Beginner’s guide to make-up brushes

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This has been a long time coming. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t written about this before to be honest. Never should a woman ever have to wonder about what half the makeup brushes in her vanity do (the way I did as a raccoon-eyed teen. I swear, mom. I wasn’t an emo kid; I just didn’t know what to do with all those brushes). I swear, if I wasn’t so in love with make-up, I probably would’ve given up on it early on itself. It was then that it occurred to me that make-up can be overwhelming, of course, but some basic guidelines can make your life a heck of a lot easier and make-up a lot less daunting. To simplify it for you, here are some basic make-up brushes you should look to adding to your make-up kit.   Eye brushes: 1)      Flat, stiff brush: to pack eyeshadow to your lid. This brush needs to be stiff so Read More →

3 Trendy Striped Shirts Every Man Should Have

Stripes Shirts

  The shirts have become an integral part of any man’s wardrobe. With being just a garment, shirts are now being seen as fashion clothing by fashion conscious men. Though the construction of the dress shirt hasn’t changed, the design of the shirts has considerably changed. International fashion designers too are creating shirts from different materials to make it more appealing. Today, shirts are available in plenty of colors, designs, patterns and styles. When it comes to office wear, formal shirts fit the bill. The dress shirts add a touch of elegance and professionalism brining the best in you either during your regular office meet, client meet or even when you make a strong statement in the board room. Though there are rules when dressing completely formal, there are few guidelines which deserve your attention, before you head out to buy the formal shirts. As a rule, the first important aspect of any shirt is the fit of the garment. Read More →

Candy Buffet Ideas: Inspirations of Candy Goodness For Your Child’s Party


  Candy buffet tables are becoming popular in various parties all over the world. To create an amazing candy buffet, take a look at the ideas below:     Use decorated cupcakes as your centerpiece These days, you will see different types of decorated cupcakes. Aside from candies, you will be able to see cookies, cupcakes and even cake pops in various desserts table. If you wish to make your dessert buffet table come alive, it is best that you place a stand of fully decorated cupcake in the middle.    Go DIY If you wish to make your buffet table customized and more personalized, then you should incorporate some DIY decorations. These days, there is no longer any need for buying decorations. This is because you can make one yourself! You can label your dessert buffet by using napkins, cutouts and even, baking cups! You can also make use of various yarns to tie the candies together. Better yet, Read More →