What Ankle Strap Stilettos Can Do To You

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Free-Shipping-Sexy-Platform-Pump-Ankle-Strap-7-18cm-High-Heels-Stilettos-Shoes-/201035304658To carry yourself gracefully, to dress yourself in beautiful and chic clothes to walk with a pair of ankle strap stilettos to stab the hearts of all men. Yes, a pair of ankle strap stilettos. This completes your hidden desire to become one hot bombshell. A pair of ankle strap stilettos that forcefully punctures the carpet, lengthens your legs, highlights your chest and butt. A pair of ankle strap stilettos is what you need.

Stilettos got its name, as you know, from a weapon, and stiletto shoes still function as a weapon. They can be wielded to capture men, to turn them dying from the heat of attraction, and make them follow your orders as you wish. They too can be wielded against other women, a symbolic weapon that makes you stand above others who keep on trying to bring you down.

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