A Teen Breaking the School’s Prom Dress Code Over Cleavage Issues


In Silverdale Washington, there has been a trouble brewing when it came to a student and one of her favorite beauty gown dresses. The story is all about a senior student at Central Kitsap High School–Brittany Minder and her unique party dress.

The teenager says she was disgraced and that ruined her prom night. She was turned away as the school staffs objected to her apparel. The school says that the girl broke the prom dress code and objected to her cleavage. According to Brittany Minder she is singled out because of her bigger breasts and that more cleavage could be seen but there is nothing she can do about that.

The school insisted the girl to cover up her cleavage to enter the prom night. Obeying the rules of the school she had to cover her cleavage with a shawl and that made her feel more embarrassed. She said that she felt so embarrassed with that attire that she only stayed for one hour.

Strapless dresses could be worn as far as midriff, lower back and cleavage were covered—this was the dress code of the school. Many people were of the opinion that the school was right when they looked at Brittany but there were few others who said otherwise. Gary Minder, the girl’s father said that it was obvious from the beginning that the school wasn’t fair in how they were imposing that rule. Kim Minder, Brittany’s mom even added a few words saying that not all women are made equal; it’s really not going to happen if someone compares grapefruit to a golf ball.

A spokesperson for the school stated that the school was right on what they did. If a student appears in a dress that hampers the school’s dress code of the prom night, the staffs will assist the student to come up with a way out so that she can participate and enjoy in the prom night. So, when it came to this girl, the school authority did exactly the same thing. The school authority allowed her to attend the prom but asked her to cover up her cleavage with the shawl.

The covering up of her cleavage and the entire incident took the magic out of that night as said by Brittany. Being there was tough for her and she wasn’t comfortable at all. It was a great blow to her self-confidence and respect and for that reason, she was unable to enjoy that night. She was there at the party for hardly an hour. It was an important night for her where she dressed up in one of her unique prom dresses but all was shattered and she kept on saying that there is no way she can get her experience back.


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