Candy Buffet Ideas: Inspirations of Candy Goodness For Your Child’s Party


Candy buffet tables are becoming popular in various parties all over the world. To create an amazing candy buffet, take a look at the ideas below:




Use decorated cupcakes as your centerpiece

These days, you will see different types of decorated cupcakes. Aside from candies, you will be able to see cookies, cupcakes and even cake pops in various desserts table. If you wish to make your dessert buffet table come alive, it is best that you place a stand of fully decorated cupcake in the middle.



If you wish to make your buffet table customized and more personalized, then you should incorporate some DIY decorations. These days, there is no longer any need for buying decorations. This is because you can make one yourself! You can label your dessert buffet by using napkins, cutouts and even, baking cups! You can also make use of various yarns to tie the candies together. Better yet, use the licorice to tie cake pops together!


 Go for creative containers

Containers play a great role on how your candy buffet will look. This is why you should say goodbye to generic containers that are being sold in various stores. Instead, make your candy buffet look unique by looking for creative containers. You can place candies on plastic buckets, stainless steel buckets, fish bowls, accessories stands, boxes and many more. In fact, you can even make use of an empty soda bottle to put your candies in.


Create height.

If you wish to achieve more drama, then it is highly recommended that you create various layers of candy land! You can use wooden crates and cover these with various curtain or table cover. This will allow you to make multiple layers where you can place your candies and sweets!


Create some eye candy!

Rock candies can now be seen on various candy buffets, no matter what formal event it is. You can color rock candies in any way you wish! You can even “tinting” the tips of the white rock candy with the use of sugar sprinkles. Another good idea is to spray some color to the candy, creating an ombre effect. Another great tip is to put some customized tags on the rock candy. Create the tags with the use of the color scheme of your party.


Opt for colorful cake with colorful candies.

Of course, you can make use of your cake as the centerpiece. The more colorful the candy buffet is, the more children it will attract. This is why you should opt for solid colored cake without any designs. Top them with vibrant colored candies and use the candies to create a design on the cake.


With these tips, your candy buffet will be a big success!


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