3 Trendy Striped Shirts Every Man Should Have


The shirts have become an integral part of any man’s wardrobe. With being just a garment, shirts are now being seen as fashion clothing by fashion conscious men. Though the construction of the dress shirt hasn’t changed, the design of the shirts has considerably changed. International fashion designers too are creating shirts from different materials to make it more appealing. Today, shirts are available in plenty of colors, designs, patterns and styles. When it comes to office wear, formal shirts fit the bill. The dress shirts add a touch of elegance and professionalism brining the best in you either during your regular office meet, client meet or even when you make a strong statement in the board room. Though there are rules when dressing completely formal, there are few guidelines which deserve your attention, before you head out to buy the formal shirts. As a rule, the first important aspect of any shirt is the fit of the garment. So, it makes absolute sense to select formal shirts that flatter your body. Formal shirts are available in different fit. Some of the most popular ones are the slim fit and regular fit. Few apparel brands like Ralph Lauren, Gap, Brooks Brothers and PeprisMine offer formal shirts in tall fit too.

Stripes Shirts


White and blue colors are the most preferred ones in formal dress shirts. It is widely know that if men do not know what to wear, the best is to go with white as it’s a universal color. Men are also willing to experiment with solids. Striped designs on the shirts are a great way to re approach your style quotient if you are going for a wardrobe makeover. Below are the 4 trendy striped patterns that you should have a look, before buying shirts this holiday season.


Pin Stripes

Pin stripes are the most common stripes that are seen on the formal shirts. They are also extensively used in suits. These are vertical stripes or lines that are offered in a wide variety of thickness. The widths between each vertical line are wider. As a fashion rule, the thinner is the stripes on the shirts, the more professional you look. The stripes can be of same color or different colors. In pin stripes, if there are two or more shades of stripes, they are repetitive. For a modern outlook, match the pin striped shirt that are in lighter shades with trousers of darker tones. A tie is a great fashion accessory for this pattern. You can check the latest collections of pin striped shirts here.


Broad Stripes

The broad stripes refresh and add more interest to your work as it flatters your physique because it lengthens your torso. Vertical stripes make men look taller and thinner. The broad stripes are also called as awning stripes. The width of each of the lines is wider than ¼” and widest of any other stripes. Since the width is more, they are usually more suited for casual wear. The patterns have a base color as white along with the broad stripes in dark tones like blue.


Bengal Stripes

As the name suggests, the fabrics were shipped from Bengal in India. The Bengal stripes are alternating stripes which are of equal width. These kinds of stripes are highly versatile and make men look taller and sharp. The shirts which have the Bengal stripes can easily be dressed up or dressed down based on the occasion.



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